Doing sports in hot weather

Summer comes with nice weather. There are many physical activities you can do under the sun: running, cycling,... Be careful though: exercising in the sun may be very pleasant, but it is not without risks. Some rules are essential to safely enjoy your activity and the weather.

whey protein

How to use whey proteins?

The whey protein is the most widely used protein in body building regardless of the objective of the athlete. All the same, can this protein be used in other sports and not just in strength sports?

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A heat pack, sometimes called a hand warmer or heating pad, provides heat and is extremely practical for outdoor sports enthusiasts during very cold weather. History, typology, composition, use: we’ve got all the answers !


Eating well during your training and competition periods contributes to your sporting success. Diet needs to be just as much a part of the pattern of your sporting life as training and sleep. We bring you 10 pieces of advice to start from a solid foundation.


Maltodextrin is composed of carbohydrates. What do carbohydrates do? They supply the muscles with energy. This energy is delivered more or less rapidly. And maltodextrin enables carbohydrates to be absorbed without a feeling of excess (pasta or sugar…) in your body. Explanations.


Do you know about isotonic drinks? When you're exercising, it's essential to take in fluids in order to maintain your performance level. But after an hour of exercise, water is not enough! Your muscles need an energy boost from an intake of carbohydrates and sodium, to compensate for sweating. These two essential elements are exactly what isotonic drinks supply the body with during sporting activity!


Aptonia : sports drinks, nutrition and care.

Suitable for all levels and all activities, Aptonia products will provide you with optimum hydration and nutritional intake during exercise, whether it is high-intensity or endurance. In addition to isotonic drinks and energy bars, the flagship products of the Decathlon brand, Aptonia offers food supplements for muscle building: Recovery proteins, weight gain, Whey and CW. Aptonia supports athletes every day in weight gain and in the recovery or fat-reducing phases.



Also find equipment for protecting yourself during exercise, as well as various guides by sport and by level.