Doing sports in hot weather

Summer comes with nice weather. There are many physical activities you can do under the sun: running, cycling,... Be careful though: exercising in the sun may be very pleasant, but it is not without risks. Some rules are essential to safely enjoy your activity and the weather.

whey protein

How to use whey proteins?

The whey protein is the most widely used protein in body building regardless of the objective of the athlete. All the same, can this protein be used in other sports and not just in strength sports?

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Athletes need more proteins than people who remain sedentary. One of the role's that protein plays in tandem with muscles is muscle repair.


A heat pack, sometimes called a hand warmer or heating pad, provides heat and is extremely practical for outdoor sports enthusiasts during very cold weather. History, typology, composition, use: we’ve got all the answers !

période de sèche – perte de poids

There is a common goal for both fat-reduction periods and weight loss - to lose fat body mass, ie, body fat. But how can we lose body fat without losing muscle mass?


The joints and muscles are in heavy use on a daily basis, particularly during an athletic activity. It is important to take care of them, especially when recovering from a sport: this is the key to future performance!

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    Also find equipment for protecting yourself during exercise, as well as various guides by sport and by level.