• Sport WATER 750ml
  • Sport WATER 750ml
  • Sport WATER 750ml
  • Sport WATER 750ml
  • Sport WATER 750ml

Sport WATER 750ml

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Natural spring water from the Alps.
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Medium (300ml to 750ml)
Natural spring water from the Alps.
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Blocking system sports cap.
Spring water from the Alps.
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  • Sport Water Recovery Drink 750ml
    22 Apr 2016
    Tasted Like Water The bottle eventually became empty

    I was asked to review this by email & can totally confirm that the water I purchased tasted just like............water. The bottle is great and sporty and I will have no hesitation in topping it back up from my tap!!

  • Water with a free reusable bottle
    17 Apr 2016
    Contains water, came with a free bottle More colour options would have been helpful

    Upon picking up an excellent bike and cycling top, this was very much an impulse buy after considering that I may need some form of fluid intake on my cycle to work from the store. The water was very affordable and I was shocked it came with a free reusable bottle.

    Unfortunately the bottle was of the transparent type and only came with a single colour choice of lid. So still some room for improvement.

  • Great but very watery
    30 Aug 2015
    great for hydrating Very watery

    This water was very watery but was ideal if you wanted a drink of water. Would only buy if thirsty and feel like a watery drink.