• Mass Gainer 3 High Protein Shake Mix 900g - Chocolate
  • Mass Gainer 3 High Protein Shake Mix 900g - Chocolate
  • Mass Gainer 3 High Protein Shake Mix 900g - Chocolate

Mass Gainer 3 High Protein Shake Mix 900g - Chocolate

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Key feature
Formula contains 17g of protein and a mixture of carbohydrates/100g. High-protein formula that promotes muscle gain.
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£8.88 / Kg


Body type
Medium (0.2kg to 2.9kg)
Protein content
From 10% to 20%
dextrose, maltodextrin, whey protein concentrate (21%), cocoa powder (3%), flavouring, emulsifier: soya lecithin
Approuvé par
Our panel of testers and our nutritionist.
Test lab terrain
The Aptonia MASS GAINER range has been developed by our own teams in our own laboratory. All the products in this range have been tested at each stage of their development by consumers and/or customers in order to best meet their requirements. These products have also undergone various quality checks in order to guarantee 100% quality.
Designed to :
ectomorph athletes wanting to GAIN MASS FAST.


Recommendations for use: for power sports, we recommend taking it before your workout; To gain mass, we recommend you take two to three shakes per day you workout. The total average recommended daily protein intake for athletes is 1 to 1.5g/kg of bodyweight/day. Two-thirds of your protein intake should come from a varied and balanced diet. When taken for long periods (over 2 months), ask your doctor or dietician for advice.
Storage Tips
Store in a cool, dry place.
kidney or liver disease, pregnancy, children under age 14

Additional information

Energy: 100g | 100g
1642kJ - 387kcal | 1642kJ - 387kcal
Fat: 100g | 100g
1.9g | 1.9g
Recommendations for use
The average recommended daily intake of protein for an athlete is 1 to 1.5 g / kg of bodyweight/day (2/3 of this intake should be obtained from your daily diet).
Salt: 100g | 100g
0.07g | 0.07g
Carbohydrates: 100g | 100g
75g | 75g
Of which sugars: 100g | 100g
38g | 38g
Of which saturates: 100g | 100g
1.0g | 1.0g
Proteins: 100g | 100g
17g | 17g
Preparation Instructions
Mix 100g of MASS GAINER 3 with 200 ml of water or milk in a sieve shaker to obtain the desired texture. Shake for 30 seconds then drink and enjoy.
Dietary fibre: 100g | 100g
1.0g | 1.0g

Products benefits

Aids normal muscle function
100% WHEY PROTEIN concentrate. 17g of WHEY PROTEIN concentrate per serving
Easy digestion
WHEY proteins are rapidly assimilated and are obtained through ultrafiltration

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