Doing sports in hot weather

Summer comes with nice weather. There are many physical activities you can do under the sun: running, cycling,... Be careful though: exercising in the sun may be very pleasant, but it is not without risks. Some rules are essential to safely enjoy your activity and the weather.

whey protein
How to use whey proteins?

The whey protein is the most widely used protein in body building regardless of the objective of the athlete. All the same, can this protein be used in other sports and not just in strength sports?

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    The recovery stage is crucial for progress and physical performance. Indeed, if your recovery is poor, the body cannot regenerate.

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    Water accounts for 60% of the weight of a human being. It is the main component of our body. Therefore, dehydration can have a serious effect on the body, because water intervenes in a many of the chemical reactions that make our body function properly. All forms of physical activity produce heat that must be eliminated. This is the reason why we perspire, a phenomenon that incurs the risk of dehydration.

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    Also find equipment for protecting yourself during exercise, as well as various guides by sport and by level.